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Sneaky Bags, T.o.T, Trick or Treat Bag, Large
Sneaky Bags, T.o.T, Trick or Treat Bag, Large
Sneaky Bags, T.o.T, Trick or Treat Bag, Large
Sneaky Bags, T.o.T, Trick or Treat Bag, Large
Sneaky Bags, T.o.T, Trick or Treat Bag, Large

Sneaky Bags, T.o.T, Trick or Treat Bag, Large

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The Trick or Treat (T.o.T.) Large bag was designed at the request of a user group who wanted a way to transport various issued firearms with a small fighting loadout, along with the ability to accept integral IIIA ballistic panels (not included). Obviously, these guys are better known for tricks than treats, but the name stuck.

  • External Dimensions - 22.5" x 12" x 6"
  • Weight - 5.2 pounds

It is essentially a small, discreet weapons case that has been combined with a messenger bag, so you get the best of both of those different worlds. It features discreet load carriage with a separate and quickly accessed main weapons compartment. No more will users have to "make due" with an improvised carriage solution made from a civilian messenger bag. 

The main weapons compartment is a heavily padded, lockable, rectangular compartment with a padded divider which can be used to carry a variety of weapons systems ranging from the M4 (broken down) to PDW sized weapons fully assembled. The available room makes carrying a CCW pistol, extra magazines, restraints, chemical or electrical weapons easy for either citizen or LEO low profile carry.  It was also designed with an excellent padded laptop compartment which can comfortably hold many of the larger screen laptops. This is an everyday use bag that provides everyday utility and a surprise, not just an emergency get-home bag. 

The "Messenger Bag" component of the T.o.T. is covered partially in PALS/LOOP fabric to allow users to organize the interior using various PALS compatible or hook fabric pouches. There are also two mesh pockets inside the "Messenger Bag" component for further organization. The main flap of the" Messenger bag" section  includes a full mesh pocket on its underside, suitable for maps, papers, and notebooks. The top of the main flap includes an organizer component for everyday items like pens and pencils,keys,cards, and a smart phone. The exterior of the Flap has a 2.5x4" Loop (Velcro) field for attachment of various Unit ID or the included, totally awesome, Sneakybags Hammer/Wrench logo patch. Also included is our new Hook backed ID window tag for those looking for an even lower profile.

The back of the bag is a large loop fabric lined, flat items pocket with a quick access cutout that may be used for handguns or other items requiring fast access.  On top of that is a bungee web for securing lightweight items like a rainshell, as well as six attachment points for our two included ,super versatile "Utilitor" straps.  "Utilitor straps may be used to stabilize the bag in a variety of positions to include improvised backpack carry, and bike or motorcycle messenger carry. Using just the included straps and attachment points, this bag is so versatile that you can even attach it securely to car seats like a mobile office organizer. Tucked away very discreetly on the seams of the main compartment are two additional flat items pockets sized for handheld flashlights or multitools or other similarly sized items.

The T.o.T. can be carried with the strongly attached and well padded handles, or with the curved, fully adjustable, non slip lined shoulder strap.  Some users reported preferring to use their favorite weapons slings threaded or clipped through the D Rings on the outside, though we suspect that raises its tactical profile somewhat.

Made from the highest quality materials and using the toughest sewing methods, it is overbuilt with the same designed-in durability as our other products, and is equally ready for many years of hard use.